Coronavirus Stimulus Package FAQ from NY Times

Here is a quick rundown with quotes and rough summaries of what you will find in this article:
(The article at the link above is quite long, and there are a LOT of details and caveats in it that I didn’t include, so please click the link for more information.  I will also update this blog post on Monday for more clarity, thoroughness, and to embed links to related resources)

Stimulus Payments:  “Most adults will get $1200” plus $500 “for every qualifying child age 16 or under” automatically using the income and payment information from your 2019 federal tax return.  You’ll get less or none if you made $75k-218k Adjusted Gross Income (AGI line 8b on form 1040)

Unemployment:  $600 extra per week for up to 13 additional weeks with no waiting period now including workers who are: self-employed, part-time, under-employed, new employees, cannot work, or had to quit due to certain COVID-19 related reasons starting Jan 27, 2020

Student Loans: “The federal government has already waived two months of payments and interest for many federal student loan borrowers”

Retirement Accounts:  No required minimum distributions, exceptions to early withdrawal penalty, exceptions to maximum 401(k) loans and repayments

Charitable Contributions:  Up to $300 deduction from gross income for those who don’t itemize

Small Business and Nonprofits: May be eligible for forgivable loans

Renter Relief:  Temporary eviction moratorium and no fees or penalties for 120 days for renters whose landlords have mortgages from certain sources