FFCRA Quick Reference for Companies – FREE Printable

Quick Reference Sheet for COVID19 Company Resources

See hyperlinks below from CDC, SHRM, SBA, MD Dept of Commerce,

Companies Operating On-site May:

Companies Working from Home May:

  • Make work from home policies which include expectations around:  Hours of work, Reachability, Productivity, Check-ins, & Office expenses
  • Must pay non-exempt employees for all hours worked including “Reporting Time Pay” if applicable
  • If exempt employees do ANY work in a week, must pay for full week
  • Allow older and at-risk employees to work from home
  • Require workers to work from home

Companies Struggling to Pay Staff May:

  • Deduct 100% Emergency Paid Leave from quarterly SS taxes, may even claim reimbursable credit if Paid Leave amount exceeds SS taxes due, see DoL FFCRA Required Poster
  • Apply for State Disaster Loans: SBAMD
  • Reduce hours and rate of pay, but not below minimum wage and minimum salary, and must do it fairly and not discriminate any protected classes
  • Reclassify exempt to non-exempt, but cannot be temporary change
  • Furlough, temporarily layoff less than 6 months without notice, temporarily layoff more than 6 months with notice, permanently layoff, or terminate
  • If you still can’t make payroll after exhausting all resources, call an Attorney for advice (Omnia has affordable legal plans options)

Companies Able to Help Their Employees May:

  • Continue to pay employer contribution to employee benefits during furlough or layoffs
  • Provide pandemic-related benefits and expense accounts, see our offerings from: TASC and LegalShield
  • Give employees disaster payments tax-free, see more info from SHRM